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NED at AXA, including various subsidiaries and committees. Prime function is as Board Member with specialism in Digital Customer Journey and Transformation, the only member balancing the strong insurance industry weight of the existing board against modern customer focus and technological awareness. I work with the CEOs and senior managers of various business units as the company moves its 200 year legacy via massive digital initiatives towards customer focus and agility. Director : AXA PPP. AXA Insurance, AXA UK PLC


Michael sources and manages investments in companies providing technology solutions in a variety of areas. In general, Fintech, Telecommunications and Consumer focused products. He applies his extensive background in operations, commercialisation and the knowledge gained through a wide exposure to many projects at the forefront of business and technical innovation.

An active board member and shareholder is an advisory role, with results only achieved through challenging, sparring, coaching, persuading and using the experience gained at some of the fastest growing companies in technology to ensure results at the same time matching the underlying changes of the business environment with the upcoming technological or business model changes.

Michael achieves investment success through assisting and inspiring teams and entrepreneurs to reach as far as possible. His personal experience brings credibility, and is frequently asked to provide Keynotes at Industry conferences.

Michael continues his responsibility for publically listed software companies, large logistics and commerce sites and all manner of enterprise software. Combining this desire with practical experience, gained in over twenty years operating and growing billion dollar companies, Michael can also put these dreams into reality, avoiding common mistakes and achieving best practise via his teams as early as possible.

Michael holds several board positions, and in a personal capacity is director of Blockchain, the leading company in the virtual currency space, and a major investor in a payments company.


I met the founders of Blockchain back in the early days of Bitcoin. They gave me my first Bitcoin, and once I'ld taken the King's Shilling there was no way back. Now the largest provider of wallets worldwide, the only thing to say 'there's never a dull day in crypto'

2004-2007: SKYPE

As COO of Skype, Michael was responsible for both Operations and all Revenue Generating Services. Michael developed and launched paid services in 2004 and was responsible for their growth to over €450 million p.a three years later.

In this role, Michael ran all operational functions, including all support systems, worldwide payments, regulatory, customer service, system operations, telecommunications systems and agreements, fraud control plus development of a range of Mobile products. He also served as eBay representative on the board of FON, the global free wifi operator and was part of the eBay/PayPal/Skype management team led by Meg Whitman, gaining experience as a ‘registered insider’ in a large US listed company

2000-2004: TELE2 AB

Michael invented the concept and developed and launched MVNO mobile operations for Tele2 AB, the largest alternative carrier in Europe. Reporting to the CEO, he was responsible for negotiating agreements, consumer strategy, launching and building mobile operations in 9 countries, all over Europe, ultimately with direct responsibility for turnover of more than 100 million euro, within a listed company turning over 2 billion, with 26 million customers gained from incumbents.

1996 - 2000: TELE2 A/S

Tele2 was the first alternative carrier in Denmark. Michael setup the operations of this new company, from discussions with regulators to set the legal framework, through launch and growth to the largest alternative carrier in Denmark, with a turnover of €150 million. Within his responsibility fell launch and operations of Get2Net - Denmark’s largest consumer ISP plus the purchase and management of UNI2 the largest business ISP in Denmark of the time.

1993-1996: NKT

Head of Service and Support Department

1990-1993: Motorola Mobile Data

Senior Systems Engineer

1987-1990: Digital Mobile Communications

Senior Systems Engineer

1984-1987: BBC

Graduate Trainee, followed by Engineer in Transmitter Capital Projects Department


University College, London ( UCL ) 1981 / 1984 B.Sc Electical and Electronics Engineering UCL - Guest Lecturer 2014-present MBA - Business of Telecoms.


English / Mother
Danish / Second Language
French / B2


Digital Transformation
Customer Experience

Other things... Supportng Luxembourg through LFF and LHofT


Pernille: Artist and Animator
Victor: Business Analyst at TDC
Marianne: Long suffering wife.
Living in Luxembourg City



Medium Length Bio

Michael Jackson joined Mangrove Capital Partners as a Partner in 2007, after a 25 years career in the Telecom industry. During those years, he had the opportunity to work for, grow and start a dozen different businesses. At Mangrove, his first role is to lead the company’s effort in the Mobile space. As well as big ideas, Michael searches for the passion, drive and ambition in a founding team, and a genuine reason why they believe they can dominate their sector. He also uses his previous experience in fast-growing environments to help companies scale and develop their revenue-generating activities. Michael grew up in the UK. Upon completing his graduate training at the BBC, he launched into startup land, as lead engineer at the first competitive phone company in the UK, which sold to Vodafone. After this he moved to Denmark, and launched nine mobile operations and two ISPs across Europe with Tele2. All were high growth operations with millions of paying customers. Some were very successful, others less so. Michael then joined the founding team of Skype, which he had met at Tele2. As the Chief Operating Officer of the company, he was responsible for rapidly growing an idea into a well managed multi-million dollar business. After 15 years living in Denmark, Michael now lives in Luxembourg, but travels every week and weekend around Europe to meet existing and potential companies. As well as Mangrove, he currently serves on the boards of Churchdesk, Echobox and Nimbuzz. Michael graduated with honours from University College London with a degree in Communications Engineering Michael is a non-executive director of AXA UK PLC. AXA is amongst the world's largest insurance company.

Short Bio

Michael is Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners, working out of Luxembourg, , an active member of the European startup scene, and board member of several companies - ranging from new startups to AXA UK PLC. Michael has seen companies grow from zero to hundreds of millions in turnover, and notably led the operations and revenue generating activities of Skype for its first four years as COO. He leads significant work in the ICO space, calling for clear regulatory concepts that recognise the opportunities and enable safety. His position as a director of gives unique insight into the new crypto world.

Bio for tech Events

Michael has the technology background to love projects that bring together changes in technology with changes in business model. Tele2, MVNO, Skype were all successes, and he is convinced that future financial sector transformation through Blockchain and other initiatives will be ! Specialist in scaling and growing operations, as well as asking the right questions that allow business to excel through careful prioritisation.